Facts and Figures

Firm founded in 1974
over 2 million trees in production
Offices in Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Austria
Own patents: Harvest-, Sales- and Presentation technology
First Internet-seller for Christmas trees in Europe
100 employees during the season



Today, working for the future:

It all begins with valuable young plants...

The right climatic and ground relationships, expert care for many years, the minimizing of the risk of loss by the means of different production locations and a little bit of luck allow us to keep hundred-thousands of first-class Christmas trees of all sorts deliverable for you. Because of economic reasons, we use many new techniques. So, we do without the usage of chemical measures. "Shopshire"-sheep keep our plantantions free of grass.
In order to care for our precious environment we use many new methods. We largely avoid the use of chemicals. Shropshire sheep keep the growing areas free of grass.
Buying quality from the world champion

Our partner for spruce production is the 8 time vice world champion of forest workers and was, in 1978, world champion in woodcutting and wood peeling. Such a statistic obliges to quality. He has the green thumb for planting, caring and forming the trees. Now he is retired. Luckily, we could take over his plantations...

...and so there are many beautiful world champion trees available for the next few years.
First class First class 5-star-trees are produced for highest requirements...
After 7 to 10 years, the tree has the right size
... now, the harvest can begin !
Netting machines guarantee a careful transport of the trees.
Via transportation belt, different sorts can be arranged to one delivery.
Situated lose per freshness express...

...or on palettes.

Hard-working employees guarantee delivery in time everywhere in Europe and overseas.
Already a few days later, your fresh Christmas tree arrives at your home.

Our company exists for 30 years by now. Every year, we have 2 mio. of trees. For about 15 years, we sell the products by ourselves. So, the buyer has the highest quality. We do not store the trees, but bring them fresh and damageless, as they grow in the plantations, to the customer. Together with other production partners, we start the high-quality selection already while “harvesting the mother trees". This are the trees, where the seeds grow. There, we only harvest from the nicest and strongest trees. After the seed has germinated, the little plants spent 4x1 year in different locations inside the pre-school bed. rom there, they are put into the final planting destination. 6 to 8 years pass until the harvest. n the meantime the growing grass is getting mowed and insects get fought. On several locations the trees ill become fertilized, irrigated and the quality will get improved by cutting the long branches.

Since 1990 we sell directly to the customers in different locations. We deliver to any companies, also in overseas. For this, we have more than 100 helpers taking action. 1993, By building he European Market, we established own offices in France, Spain and Italy for selling our plants and our wn patents on harvesting-, sales- and presentation techniques first, later also in Austria and the UK. ince 1996, we have all rights and patents reserved for our designer tree, which is completely made of wood.

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